Desert Wind

The Desert Wind
has as many names as it has tongues
each whispering directions
                      to a forgotten city.

O.Promises of rare fruits and dyed silks
O.Pseduction of hands and feet
O.Pbathed in fragrant wood oils.

O.PA deep draught of fresh water
O.Pbefore setting out again
OP.with a pot of honey
O.Pand a sack of hard flat bread.

Do desert pathways move with the winds?
Or are they protected, kept hidden
                      until needed again?

O.Always I search
O.Pfor the city of my birth
O.Pconfluence of date palm and papyrus.
O.PA city called Patricia
O.Pof rich gardens and cool
O.Pstill evenings.

                                    —ko phangan, thailand 
                                    —17 august 96