As for the ideas and theories offered in this book: the artist hereby disclaims the veracity of everything.  Please do not take any written thing seriously. Only in verb do we transcend language. Through laughter and tears we become poetry ourselves.

For help with the poems in this book I am indelibly indebted to Kris Mathes:  fellow traveller, storyteller, poetess.  Her touch, invisible as a sculptress’ hand, is everywhere.  I will never be the same.

 For the artwork reproduced here I am humbly beholden to the ever-prolific sandcrabs of Hat Ao Yai, Ko Phayam, Thailand.  May our lives be as fearless and truly timeless as these masterworks of  improvisation.  And accolades to Pam Nimegeers for her spirited collaboration with these tiny zen artists, producing an excellent cover design.  I am honored.

 I cannot properly thank the many thousands of musicians, travellers, artists and poets who have shared or crossed paths with me through the years, some of whom are no longer with us.

So let me be silent.

To Joanna Kentes, Frank Scaduto, Gail Wayper, LisaAndivahis, Federica Cecchini, EricFischbein, Ginette Haché, James Ashenhurst, CroninrVining, and
Arvid Schwenk—


(Ah, but this you already know.)

*          *          *

And most especially, I thank Patricia for her
silent encouragement  —  all the while tending
a secret garden of stars and night-blossoms.

You say far more with your eyes
than I ever will with words

So very much more