Where to find copies of the 2012 Edition:

Recitations of this work may be found at dawn on fine sand beaches all over the world.  Make footprints, admire the sunrise, listen to the incoming tide.

Exact choreographies of Lenzo's journey are available for purchase.  For each passero accidentally sold, two more can be set free.

 *         *         *

  The 3rd Edition of Forgiverance comprises 256 pages of prose, poetry and 109 b/w reproductions of Thai bubble-crab artwork. Copies are available in two formats:  a downloadable PDF and a hand-made hardbound edition. 

 The PDF file is US$20 and is optimized to be viewed two-pages at a time, as per a normal book. The hardbound edition is available for US$75 (plus $25 postage from Canada to anywhere in the world) ~ and includes an immediate free download of the PDF file as well.  Simply contact the author by clicking here.