I greet all of you as the sky greets the river, these birds
electricity in my fingers I trace the flow of your hips
the cascade of your hair and laughter
gently I lift your eyes, your breasts into flight
nothing escapes my admiration, celebration!

There is no part of you I do not praise a farmer’s praise!
I turn the earth with my hands to caress your feet
my breath whispers through your hair
freeing seed for tomorrow’s feast!  Your parting tears
will bring grace and bounty to our children.

As you honor me, walking barefoot through my valley 
your sonrisa flowers, your waterfall voice
bring joy and sustenance to the wind of my days
calm and completeness to my nights
so too, I honor you in song, in tears, in flight!

                                         hafnafjordur, iceland
                                         23 july 98