Like water

 As snow falls…
rmelts on mountain meadows
rcuts granite, solves
rlabyrinth of peak and valley
r       —so too, will I find you.                     

s rain falls…
rfeeds forest and field                    
rgathers strength underground
rsprings forth laughing!
r       —so too, will I awaken you.

s water falls
ror forgets to fall…
rdances with rainbow and gravity
rlike dew on the wind at sunrise
r       —so too, I touch your face.

As water falls…
rruns rushing through rapids
rleaps into free space—

rROAR of typhoon and earthquake!
r       —so too, I call your Name.

s river flows, courses...
rthrough vineyard and orchard
rnourishing grape leaf and blossom
rO sweetest of fruits!
r       —so too, I seek your lips.

s river pours at last
rinto the arms of the sea
rcarries home this harvest
rof fruit and poetry
r       —so too, I rest in You.

   —khao lak,
   —17 january 97